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North America 2014/2016 - North & Central America Package

Discover Business Directories
Discover America Companies

North & Central America Package 
direct marketing lists

North & Central America and the Caribbean Package
Discover North & Central America Companies
15,0 Millions Records - 17 Countries
 Aruba - Bahamas - Barbados - Bermuda - Kanada - Cayman Inseln - Kuba - Dominikanische Republik - Grenada - Guatemala - Haiti - Jamaika - Mexiko - Panama - Trinidad und Tobago - Vereinigte Staaten - US Virgin Islands
North & Central America Business Databases - Sample in Excel15,000,000 companies in thousands classifications
incl. contact names, employee size, annual sales, email & homepage, product & services
Unlimited exporting capabilities !

USA 2015 - Street Atlas USA Plus DVD-ROM

Street Atlas USA Plus

Street Atlas USA Plus DVD
Residential & Business Phone Listings

Street Atlas USA® Plus with Phone Data
Residential & Business Phone Listings - Sample in txt-format120 million FREE Searchable Business Phone Listings
linked to the maps on one convenient DVD-ROM
Now includes 14,827,444 Canadian residential and business phone listings

116 million business + residential listings from the USA & Canada
22,000,000 companies in 34,000 classifications
Unlimited exporting capabilities with 1,000 records at a time !

USA 2016 - USA B2B Email Database

Sales Leads & Mailing Lists

USA B2B Email Database
40 Million US Business Emails

USA B2B Email Database
USA B2B Email Database -  Sample in Excel-FormatEasy Search and Export software
40,000,000 companies in 500 classifications
incl. contact names, email & homepage
Unlimited exporting capabilities !

USA 2017 - Power Business Leads Plus DVD-ROM

Sales Leads & Mailing Lists

Power Business Leads Plus DVD-ROM
Single out and target your prospects easliy!

Power Business Leads Plus DVD-ROM
Power Business Leads Plus Listing Sample in Excel-FormatOVER 19 Million US Businesses on DVD with No Export/Print Limit!
Searchable by Business Name/SIC Code/Phone/Fax/And MORE!
19,000,000 companies in 1,100 SIC-codes
incl. Main Contact's Name, Contacts Title, Contacts Gender, Actual Number of Employees, Anual Sales Range , Homepage
Unlimited exporting capabilities !

USA 2017 - United States Business Database DVD

Worldwide Business Databases

United States Business Database DVD-ROM
US Business Listings on DVD

United States Business Database DVD-ROM
United States Business Database  - Business counts of categoriesSorted by 9,900 categories, covering all major industries & services
This list is sorted by "industry" only
20,000,000 companies in 9,900 classifications
incl. decision maker, email & homepage
Unlimited exporting capabilities !

USA 2017 - US White Pages - Consumer & Residential Lists DVD

Sales Leads & Mailing Lists
US White Pages

US White Pages
Consumer & Residential Lists DVD

US White Pages - 100 Million US Listings
US White Pages - Listing Sample in Excel-FormatOver 100 Million US Households with Land Line phone Connections with No Export/Print Limit!
100.0 million households and residential listings
Unlimited exporting capabilities !