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Middle East 2015/2016 - The Gulf Directory CD-ROM

The Gulf Directory CD-ROM

The Gulf Directory
Industrial & Commercial Guide

The Gulf Directory - The most trusted information source
400,000 Business Contacts across the GCC - The most trusted information source
Meet your business needs through the most comprehensive directoy in the Gulf
Bahrain * U.A.E. * Saudi Arabia * Oman * Qatar * Kuwait
Over 400,000 companies in 3,000+ classifications 
incl. contact names, email & homepage, trade names

Oman - Oman Telephone Directory

Oman Telephone Directory CD-ROM

Oman Telephone Directory

600,000 business + residential listings from the Oman
and 6,000 companies in 1,400 classifications 

Oman 2018 - Oman Telephone Directory

Oman Telephone Directory

Oman Telephone Directory
White & Yellow Pages

Oman Telephone Directory - Sultanate of Oman Telephone Directory
Directory (White & Yellow Pages); Green Pages; Buff Pages
600,000 business + residential listings 
6,000 companies in 1,400 classifications

Turkey 2018 - BIZ Business Database Turkey

Turkey Business Database

BIZ Business Database Turkey
Unlimited Turkey Sales Leads

Biz Business Database Turkey
Business Database TurkeyTurkey companies and enterprises from many fields of industry and economy
1,100,000 compa
nies with company activity
incl. email & homepage
Unlimited exporting capabilities !