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International phone directories are storehouses of international phone numbers of companies and businesses that are simply indispensible for every growing business! International phone directories facilitate global communication that will enable you to capture new markets and expand your business like nothing else.

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Argentina - Páginas Amarillas Argentina

Páginas Amarillas Argentina

Páginas Amarillas Argentina
Guia Telefónica y Clasificada en CD-ROM

Páginas Amarillas - Dirección o número de teléfono
La guía de empresas, comercios y profesionales de Argentina
8.3 million business + residential listings
220,600 companies in 2,500 classifications

Australia 2016 - Australia Residential Database

Australia Residential Database

Australia Residential Database
Households with verified addresses & phone numbers

Australia Residential Database
Worldwide Marketing List & International Mailing List from 70+ Countries -  Sample in Excel-FormatDatabase of consumer residential households in Australia
6.2 million households and contacts
incl. mobile number
Unlimited exporting capabilities!

Austria 2017 - Telefonbuch DVD home+ route Österreich

Herold Data
Telefonbuch DVD home + route

 Telefonbuch DVD home + route
Telephone Directory & Business Directory

Telefonbuch DVD home + route
Telefonbuch DVD home + route - Sample in ExcelTelephone Directory & Yellow pages with maps and routing functionality
3,7 million business + residential listings
370,000 companies in 5,000 classifications 
Unlimited exporting capabilities with 5 records at a time!

Canada 2016 - Canada Residential Consumer List

Canada Residential Consumer List

Canada Residential Consumer List
Accurate, verified and up to date

Canada Residential Consumer List
Worldwide Marketing List & International Mailing List from 70+ Countries -  Sample in Excel-FormatUp to date residential directory in Excel format
9,0 million households/contacts in Canada
Unlimited exporting capabilities !

Canada 2017 - Canada White Pages DVD

Sales Leads & Mailing Lists

Canada White Pages
Consumer & Residential Lists DVD

Canada White Pages DVD  - 12.5 Million Canadian Listings
Canada White Pages - Sample in text-formatOver 12 Million Canada Households with Land Line phone Connections with No Export/Print Limit!
12.5 million households and residential listings
Unlimited exporting capabilities !

Europa 2002 - D-Info Europe

D-Info Europe

D-Info Europe
130 Million Telephone Listings

D-Info Europa - Europe White & Yellow Pages DVD-ROM
130.0 million business + residential listings
15,000,000 companies in 4,000 classifications
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg,  Netherlands, Spain
Unlimited exporting capabilities with 75 records at a time !

Germany 2017 - Telefonbuch & GelbeSeiten Map&Route

TVG Verlag
Telefonbuch & GelbeSeiten Map&Route

 Telefonbuch und GelbeSeiten Map&Route DVD
Residential & Business Di
rectory for Germany

Telefonbuch & GelbeSeiten Map&Route
Residential & Business Directory for Germany - Sample in ExcelWhite & Yellow Pages Germany 
33.0 million business &  residential listings
3,400,000 companies in 15,000 classifications
Unlimited exporting capabilities with 75 records at a time !

India - Telephone Directory


Telephone Directory Hyderabad
Phone Book

Telephone Directory Delhi & Mumbai
Life Line of Mumbai and Delhi
11.0 million residential listings & 985,000 business listings

Italy 2017 - DataFamily Italia DVD

DataFamily Italia
DataFamily Italia

DataFamily Italia 
9 milioni di privati Italiani in un DVD

DataFamily  Italia
DataFamily Italia - Samples in Excel-FormatDataFamily può essere scaricato immediatamente dopo l' acquisto

9.0 million residential listings
Unlimited exporting capabilities!

Italy 2017 - Pagine Elettroniche Residential

Pagine Elettroniche Residential

Pagine Elettroniche Residential CD-ROM
Elenchi Telefonici su CD-ROM

Pagine Elettroniche Residential
Il database fondamentale per realizzare MAILING LIST.
15.0 million residential and business listings
Unlimited exporting capabilities!

Oman 2017 - Oman Telephone Directory

Oman Telephone Directory

Oman Telephone Directory
White & Yellow Pages

Oman Telephone Directory - Sultanate of Oman Telephone Directory
Directory (White & Yellow Pages); Green Pages; Buff Pages
600,000 business + residential listings 
6,000 companies in 1,400 classifications

Poland 2017 - Ksiazka telefoniczna Polska na CD

Książka telefoniczna Polska na CD

Książka telefoniczna Polska na CD
firmy i osoby prywatne

Książka telefoniczna Polska na CD
Sample & Categories in Excel - Ksiazka telefoniczna Polska na CDBank informacji informacja na telefon firmy, osoby prywatne oferty, reklamy informacja turystyczna
Poland Telephone Directory - White Pages
9.0 million business & residential listings 
2,000,000 companies in 1,250 classifications
incl. email & homepage
Unlimited printing capabilities !

Slovenia 2017 - Telefonski imenik Slovenije POMLAD

Telefonski imenik Slovenije POMLAD

Telefonski imenik Slovenije POMLAD
Slovenian Business & Residential Directory

Telefonski imenik Slovenije POMLAD
Najkrajše poti do vseh ljudi 
0,6 million residential listings 
105,000 companies in 900 classifications
Unlimited exporting capabilities with 2,000 records at a time !

Switzerland 2017 - TwixTel

TwixTel DVD

 TwixTel DVD
Phone Directory Switzerland

TwixTel - Top selling Phone Directory in Switzerland
Swiss Telephone Directory -  Sample in ExcelTelefonbuch Schweiz - Annuaire téléphonique Suisse - Elenco telefonico Svizzero
4.4 million business + residential listings 
1,009,000 companies in 3,000 classifications 
Unlimited exporting capabilities with 10,000 records at time !

United Kingdom 2015 - UK Residential Database

UK Residential Database

UK Residential Database
Reverse search phone numbers

UK Residential Database 
Worldwide Marketing List & International Mailing List from 70+ Countries -  Sample in Excel-Format
Database of over 3.2 million UK residential (consumer) housholds
3.2 million households and contacts
Unlimited exporting capabilities!

United Kingdom 2016 - White Pages

Sales Leads & Mailing Lists
UK White Pages
UK White Pages

UK White Pages
Consumer & Residential Lists

UK White Pages  - 12.4 Million UK Listings
UK White Pages - Sample in Excel-FormatOver 12 Million UK Households with with No Export/Print Limit!
12.4 million households and residential listings
Unlimited exporting capabilities

USA 2015 - Street Atlas USA Plus DVD-ROM

Street Atlas USA Plus

Street Atlas USA Plus DVD
Residential & Business Phone Listings

Street Atlas USA® Plus with Phone Data
Residential & Business Phone Listings - Sample in txt-format120 million FREE Searchable Business Phone Listings
linked to the maps on one convenient DVD-ROM
Now includes 14,827,444 Canadian residential and business phone listings

116 million business + residential listings from the USA & Canada
22,000,000 companies in 34,000 classifications
Unlimited exporting capabilities with 1,000 records at a time !

USA 2017 - US White Pages - Consumer & Residential Lists DVD

Sales Leads & Mailing Lists
US White Pages

US White Pages
Consumer & Residential Lists DVD

US White Pages - 100 Million US Listings
US White Pages - Listing Sample in Excel-FormatOver 100 Million US Households with Land Line phone Connections with No Export/Print Limit!
100.0 million households and residential listings
Unlimited exporting capabilities !