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Telefonbuch DVD home + route
Telephone directory and Austria's largest industry and business directory.

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Selection and mailings by pressing a button, more than 340,000 companies



Austria 2014 - Telefonbuch DVD home+ route Österreich

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Telefonbuch DVD home + route

 Telefonbuch DVD home + route
Telephone Directory & Business Directory

Telefonbuch DVD home + route
Telefonbuch DVD home + route - Sample in ExcelTelephone Directory & Yellow pages with maps and routing functionality
3,7 million business + residential listings
370,000 companies in 5,000 classifications 
Unlimited exporting capabilities with 5 records at a time!

Austria 2014 - Marketing CD business

Herold Data

Marketing CD business
Austrian companies and contacts on CD

Marketing CD business - basic, standard, professional+
Herold Marketing CD business Branchenübersicht inkl. FirmenanzahlÖsterreichs Firmen und Ansprechpartner auf CD
350,000 companies in 3,470 classifications
incl. contact names, employees, financial data, shareholders
Unlimited exporting capabilities !

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HEROLD Telefonbuch
Telephone Directories & Yellow Pages

Austria - HEROLD Telefonbuch PRINT

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HEROLD Telefonbuch
Telephone Directories + Yellow Pages

In den HEROLD Telefonbücher finden Sie österreichische Telefonnummern von Personen, Privateinträgen, Firmen und Behörden. HEROLD veröffentlicht in allen neun Bundesländern die Telefonbücher mit den Gelben Seiten (Regionales Telefonbuch).