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Best ADRESS Small Business Packages
A small secret

Best ADDRESS Small Business Packages
  Germany - Austria - Switzerland
 With Best ABest ADRESS - Branchenübersicht im PDF-FormatDDRESS increase your sales success, reduce your expenses and save time.
 4,500,000 companies in over 3,000 categories
 from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
 including 2 million contacts, company size, e-mail
 Various data exports for the single application possible!

You want to test different marketing activities, or have a small budget available? We would also offer you qualified Best ADDRESS address database. We have put together five extremely attractive packages and hope that you support your direct marketing can be. At Best ADDRESS you are over 4.5 million qualified business addresses for your individual selection available.

 The following communication data are available:

  •  Industry
  •  Company size
  •  Company
  •  Address
  •  Postal Code
  •  Location
  •  Contact
  •  Phone
  •  Fax
  •  E-mail address (common)
  •  Salutation
  •  State
  •  Government District
  •  County

With this detailed information, you can target your direct marketing effectively, even on a budget and achieved in this way best sales success.

How is the online selection?

In the selection area of the editor you will find various criteria by which you can order a selection. You can also determine the number of items. After submitting your selection desire, you will receive within 12 hours of your personal and tested selection via e-mail delivered. The files are delivered in CSV or Excel format.

How often can I use the selections?

A selection can be related to the Best ADDRESS Small Business package for a used one for your own sales and marketing activities. All interested parties with confirmation of your direct marketing campaigns, whether firms or individuals into a business relationship with you, ask for offers, etc. are subject, of course, no further time-use restrictions.

All provided addresses are intended for their own use as part of direct marketing campaigns and may not be sold or disclosed to third parties for use.

Can I use the e-mail addresses?

Here some care is needed, as the prospect of an advance notification would have to agree (opt-in). Best address here refers to existing case law in Germany. Here is regulated by Paragraph 7 of the Law against Unfair Competition (UWG). best address any campaigns recommends using e-mail without prior consent of the recipient. Recommended here would be a first contact by phone or by post